The DoD Seeks Veterans Involved in Operation Shad/Project 112

March 16, 2003

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From 1963 to 1973, Operation Shad, which fell under the umbrella of Project 112, targeted U.S. warships and its personnel as well as those on land. According to the DoD, service members from the Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force were involved...

The following is a personal account from Casey Piatt (, who unknowingly was a participant in the testing of chemical and biological warfare agents by the DoD :

My particular experience was after I returned from 1/9 in Nam, I got lucky (I thought) and pulled a Caribbean cruise going to Panama to train men that had not been to Nam on Jungle Warfare, survival and how to walk point properly, including how to wake another man up when it was his watch or to move out. In the process of this cruise we stopped over in Puerto Rico and did a landing on a small island about 6 miles away called Vieagus (sounds like). It's an island that the Navy uses for live fire ranges with jets etc. This occurred on May 10, 1969.

Little did we know that we were in this Operation SHAD. When we landed we had A4 Skyhawks passing overhead simulating close air support, or so we were told, and many of us assumed. What actually occurred was that we were all sprayed with different chemicals. At this point I do not know what we were actually sprayed with, but there is an indication it was some kind of Stimulant. Even so, the DOD is not allowing us to talk about much of per their letter I recently received. I also found out that there were several agents used during Project 112, including Depleted Uranium, Sarin and several different types of nerve agents...etc.

The VA has special units in some Hospitals around the country that are taking us in and doing a completely new chart on us. The file we have will still be in effect, but this one will only cover this particular project 112. There are 6000 men total, thus far they have located about 2000 that were involved in the sprayings.